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Pet Sitting

Going out of town? We provide pet sitting for you any time, day or night, weekends or holidays. No day care!
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If your schedule gets crazy we can ensure your pets are fed and satisfied as part of our pet sitting service!
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Dogs love to walk and so do we! Dog walking is healthy and fun for all, a Love & Dogs dog walker can help!
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Potty Breaks

Pet sitting can include much needed relief for your pets while you’re away. Don’t let them cross their legs all day!
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Pet Taxi

Have a grooming or vet appointment you can’t make? We can take your pet for you and get them home safe!
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Yard Clean-up

Yuck! A smelly chore Love & Dogs can help with as needed.

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Pet Sitting Alleviates Pet Challenges

Crate Training

A crate will offer comfort and security to your dog and may be a key component in pet care for anxiety they may experience when you go out.  Having a familiar pet sitter drop in as well when you can’t is a tremendous benefit for any challenges you may encounter with pet care.

pet sitting tyler txThe den in nature represents comfort– it is a refuge, a place to rest, a place to sleep. Keep this in mind. It means selecting the most ideal dog crate for your pet is super important. Your dogs’ crate is the closest thing they will ever have to a true den.

In the wild, a wolf’s den is a small, dark, secluded area. Once inside, the wolf would have just enough room to stand up, turn around, stretch and lay down again.  Wolf pups learn right away that soiling the den space is a no-no. As such, wolves do not eat, drink water, play, or mate in their den (and a wolf cub nursery at most once per year).  Similarly, the dog crate you choose for your dog should offer just enough room for movement.  Also, visibility in/out should be medium at most, located in a quiet, private, warm area, and you should never place food and water inside.

Using the right crate can care for your dog’s separation anxiety, but won’t cure it. Using pet sitters from a pet sitting service like Love & Dogs to help ease your pet from their anxiety may be the best pet care for your anxious dog and will help you achieve success without enlisting friends and family to your pet care project.

It is important to realize crate training alone may not be sufficient on its own to help your dog overcome his separation anxiety. It is simply a key step in a process that requires commitment. You’ll need to gradually get your pet used to the idea that you will need to leave on occasion and it’s not the end of the world, you will be back. Pet sitters may aid the transition.  Helping your pet feel comfortable and secure in their new crate will help you get there.

Crate training for easing pet anxiety:

  • Always exercise your dog well before starting a crate training session.
  • Begin feeding meals and snacks near the crate with the door open.
  • Use the dog cage in a gated-off room but leave the cage door open.
  • Start incorporating your leaving routine into crate time.
  • Be very low-key about leaving and returning.

Avoid these steps when crate training:

  • Using the crate for punishment.
  • Barking out angry commands.
  • Bringing a “companion” dog home for your anxious dog.
  • Adding noise to the crate environment.

When it comes to crate training to overcome separation anxiety, there is no one recognized method that can deliver guaranteed results. As pet parents, patience, persistence, a positive mindset, an occasional pet sitter, and lots of love and compassion may help find the perfect solution for your pet and produce the best results when nothing else has worked.

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