Love & Dogs Professional Pet Services provides safe, reliable, and loving pet sitting in your home while you’re away for work or travel. We are experienced, bonded, and insured, providing our clients with security and peace of mind, reassured their pets are safe and happy.

Our Services

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? We provide pet sitting for you any time, day or night, weekends or holidays. No day care!

Pet Taxi

Have a grooming or vet appointment you can’t make? We can take your pet for you and get them home safe!

Pet Feeding

If your schedule gets crazy we can ensure your pets are fed and satisfied as part of our pet sitting service!

Potty Breaks

Pet sitting can include much needed relief for your pets while you’re away. Don’t let them cross their legs all day!

Dog Walking

Dogs love to walk and so do we! Dog walking is healthy and fun for all, a Love & Dogs dog walker can help!

Yard Clean-up

Yuck! A smelly chore Love & Dogs Pet Service team can help with as needed

Pet Sitting Alleviates Pet Challenges

Crate Training

A large dog cage & puppy crate will offer comfort and security to your dog and may be a key component in pet care for anxiety they may experience when you go out.  Having a familiar pet sitter drop in as well when you can’t is a tremendous benefit for any challenges you may encounter with pet care.

The den in nature represents comfort – it is a refuge, a place to rest, a place to sleep. Keep this in mind. It means selecting the most ideal dog crate for your pet is super important. Your dogs’ crate is the closest thing they will ever have to a true den.

In the wild, a wolf’s den is a small, dark, secluded area. Once inside, the wolf would have just enough room to stand up, turn around, stretch and lay down again. Wolf pups learn right away that soiling the den space is a no-no. As such, wolves do not eat, drink water, play, or mate in their den (and a wolf cub nursery at most once per year).

Similarly, the dog crate you choose for your dog should offer just enough room for movement. Also, visibility in/out should be medium at most, located in a quiet, private, warm area, and you should never place food and water inside.

Using the right crate can care for your dog’s separation anxiety, but won’t cure it. Using pet sitters from a pet sitting service like Love & Dogs to help ease your pet from their anxiety may be the best pet care for your anxious dog and will help you achieve success without enlisting friends and family to your pet care project.

It is important to realize crate training alone may not be sufficient on its own to help your dog overcome his separation anxiety. It is simply a key step in a process that requires commitment. You’ll need to gradually get your pet used to the idea that you will need to leave on occasion and it’s not the end of the world, you will be back. Pet sitters may aid the transition. Helping your pet feel comfortable and secure in their new crate will help you get there. You can try some CBD treats for dogs to calm them and help them overcome separation anxiety. Place a comfy dog bed inside the crate will also help to ease and reduce anxiety, making your pup calmer.

Crate Training For Easing Pet Anxiety:

Avoid these steps when crate training:

When it comes to crate training to overcome separation anxiety, there is no one recognized method that can deliver guaranteed results. As pet parents, patience, persistence, a positive mindset, an occasional pet sitter, and lots of love and compassion may help find the perfect solution for your pet and produce the best results when nothing else has worked.

Our Feeding Policy

Choosing The Right Type Of Food For Your Pups

We will consider the dogs breeds and sizes in determining the right amount and offer suitable diet for them.

The following are our dog food policy.

Puppy Diet – For puppies, we usually go for wet dog food and food that’s easier for young pups to digest. Furthermore, we will choose food that contain less allergens like chicken-free, limited ingredient and hydrolyzed protein dog food.

If your pup is suffering from sensitive skin or allergies, you should let us know so we will feed dog food for dogs with allergies to ensure that your young pups are safe from allergic reactions like itching and rashes.

For older senior pups – we will usually feed them with special formulated glucosamine dog food for arthritis & joint support. We may switch to a grain-free diet for them if they have weak digestion or make special homemade food that is easy to digest and contain less calories.

The health of your dogs is our utmost concern. That’s why we pay close attention to their diet to provide them with the best nutrition and contribute to making making your pup stay longer with us.

Our Policy On Dog Treats

Dog treats for your pups

Understandably, you may have some concerns regarding the use of dog treats. For example, what type of dog treats do we feed your pups? No doubt, we use dog treats to encourage your pup to establish routines, cultivate good habits and promote specific positive behavior.

Here’s how we choose the best treats for your dog:

  • We will consider the dog’s breed and consult you before feeding your pups anything.
  • We will also consider the treat size based on your dog’s size and body physique.
  • We only choose healthy treat options and we do not overfeed with any particular treats.
  • We also use CBD treats for dogs if your pup shows anxiety or stress. CBD calming treats are an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety in new puppy.

Your canine may be anxious in the beginning and find it hard to adapt to a new environment. Using CBD dog treats for anxiety are a huge help during this transition period. We constantly research online to find the best dog treats from Dog Lovers Pup reviews and other dog products advisors.

Why Choose Love & Dogs?

Professional Pet Sitting Services

Dedicated Customer Service

Reliable Care for your Pet

Bonded and Insured Security

Peace of Mind

A Brief Guide in Choosing a Pet Care Service Provider

You have some options if you are going abroad and leaving your furry pet. One, you may leave him to a pet sitter, to a relative or to a pet care service. Which option is the best? Pet sitters can be cheaper than a pet care hotel but one can be inexperienced on how to handle your pet’s special needs. You may need to spend long hours training him before you go, making it so inconvenient for you.

On the other hand, leaving your pet to a relative can be the cheapest of all options, but just like a pet sitter, he may need training to be able to give that special care to your dog or cat. Why bother if you have the chance leave your pet in a licensed and reputable pet care service provider?

Reasons of Choosing a Pet Hotel

  1. Proper diet and physical activities. When you leave your pet with professionals, you can expect that he will be given the right nutrition and be trained with proper exercise and physical activities. They can offer an exercise time for your pet, allowing him to stay healthy while you’re away.
  2. If you would leave your pet in a boarding facility, your pet will always be safe, as he is unlikely to escape and to stroll around the roads and streets that will compromise his safety.
  3. A reputable pet hotelhas all the facilities and amenities that will allow your dog to live a convenient life while away from his home. Here, he would not feel alone and bored, as the facility can offer him recreational and healthy activities together with a well trained and licensed staff to attend to all his needs.
  4. Competitive rates. The best pet hotelscan offer you a competitive boarding solution that will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you would deal with an established pet hotel, you can look forward to more affordable rates, as these hotels do not have to spend high on advertising because they are known in the business.

How to Choose the Right Pet Care Service or Pet Hotel

  1. Ask about the services that are included in the fees.
  2. Can they provide any other services that your pup may require, based on his special needs such as health condition, feeding requirements and others?
  3. Can they offer vaccination, and which are those?
  4. Can they keep your pet safe all the time, away from any dangers and risks?
  5. Can they provide daily exercises or physical activities to your pet? How long each activity does lasts?

There you have a brief guide about the reasons to leave your pet in pet hotels as well as how to choose the right one. To come up with the right choice, spend some time in research and comparing several pet care services, where you can entrust your canine pets while you’re away.

Should You Leave Your Dog in a Pet Hotel

Many dog owners are asking why they should bother and leave their pets to pet hotel. If you are one of those that are thinking to choose this type of service, then you may want to know certain things about it.

A Brief Guide in Choosing a Pet Care Service Provider

What You Need To Know About Pet Hotels

Every now and then, you may be into a personal or business trip and during those times, you may be left with no one to take care and give special care to your beloved companion. Although for short trips like a day or two, you can feed your furry pals using timed release dog feeders. However for a longer business trip or family vacation that usually span over 5 days or more, it is advisable letting a pet care service provider look after your canine while you are away.

You should ensure your dog’s safety and security before anything else, as you don’t want to put him in danger while you are out of sight. As you know, your pet deserves the best treatment possible so that he can live an enjoyable and convenient life while you are not with him.

Make sure that you will find the best pet hotel that can provide you the specific services you require for your pet. There are pet hotels that can accept dogs and cats while some only accept dogs.

On the other hand, it may be hard to find a boarding facility that can provide the service if the pet is a rabbit, a hamster or a reptile, but you may want to ask your veterinarian for some suggestions before making the research.

Because your pet is unique, he has his special needs, too. Therefore, you should choose the best pet hotels that can cater to that particular care he deserves.
Various services can be made available from a pet accommodation in and some of them include day care, boarding and special treatment, among others.

If you would deal with a reputable and known service provider in , you can look forward to an excellent pet treatment for your beloved.
However, it is your main responsibility to list down all the needs of your dog, for example, before leaving him in the boarding kennel. You should feel free to discuss about these needs to the professional whom you will entrust your pet.

When choosing, see to it that the facility can provide that special care that your dog deserves.
It is worth knowing that investing in such pet hotel services can become a wise move for you, as this investment will become visible when you go back from your trip. You would see the big improvement in your dog especially in his behavior.

The best facility can also provide that training while you are away. In the shelter, you can also expect your dog or pet to develop his skills in building good relationship with other dogs and pets of his kind. This way you can expect a more emotionally stable dog when you come back. It would be great if you would have someone professional and expert to leave your dog with, as this process helps you achieve that peace of mind that you are looking for.

Therefore, you can spend a worry-free and stress-free vacation, knowing that your dog will get the best attention and care in a pet hotel in.

Why Leave Fido in a Pet Hotel While You Are Away

If you are up to having a business or personal trip outside the country, then you may be having a difficult time in making a decision as to where to leave your beloved pet—Fido.

Who will take care of him while you are away? Who will give him healthcare when you cannot take him to the veterinarian? Who can handle his emergency health needs? All of these and more are only some of the questions that may be lingering in your mind right now.

Pet Hotels or Pet Boarding Kennels Are Here to Rescue!

Today, pet owners leave their pets to a pet resort, pet boarding kennel or pet hotel, whichever name you may want to call it. Many of these pet facilities can accept animals such as cats and dogs, but some only take care of dogs.

If you own a reptile, a rabbit or a hamster, you may find it hard to find a boarding facility for him, but you may ask your veterinarian for some suggestions if you want to minimize the time you would spend looking for the right boarding for your pet.

What Are the Perks of Using a Pet Hotel?

• Professional attention will be given to your pet while you are away. You can look forward the safety of your pet if you would leave him to a place where professionals such as veterinarians and experienced staff are working. In this case, you can have peace of mind that someone will attend to your dog, for instance, if he meets any emergency health needs.

• Medical attention can also be given every single day. When choosing a pet boarding kennel, you should look for the one that can provide the special attention to your dog, in case he has a specific medical condition. This you should ask before leaving him in a particular pet hotel in . As you know, only trained employees or staff should administer giving medication to your pet.

• Proper and enjoyable physical activities will also be given to your cat or dog, allowing him to feel at ease while he’s in the boarding kennel; you should not worry at all if you are dealing with a facility that has a good reputation when it comes to providing only the best and most useful physical activities that animals enjoy. Having that said, you may consider reading some useful reviews online or ask for some friends’ recommendations.

There you have some great ways pet hotels can help you take care of your beloved companion while you’re away. Study your options well and only deal with a reputable pet boarding in your location. For the best results, start early with your research to avoid any hassles in the end when choosing a pet hotel.

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